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Outsourcing some jobs to people or freelancers may entail many risks. In looking for the right people to do the job that you will assign, you will need to look for two other important factors aside from skill. You will also need to employ a person who is a team player as teamwork would be important to produce an excellent work. Aside from teamwork, you will need to hire a person based on how he, she, or they value client confidentiality.

Within the global film industry, less than 1,000 films are produced annually, and most of these are made in English. While English is not the most common language spoken worldwide, it is the ‘official’ language of more countries than any other. Therefore, to reach English-speaking people and get their attention, it makes sense to use the language most commonly understood by them.

When it comes to Arabic Translation, there is a misconception that sentences in Arabic are always longer than their English translation. This case of so-called text expansion really does occur when it comes to Arabic translation, but is not always the case. The question now is: what should our standard metric really be when judging the quality of Arabic translation, or of other languages for that matter?

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