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Talaat Graphics is a renowned language translation services company since 2008. Since then, successfully earning customer trust. In addition to that, we deliver individuals and professionals translation services. Excelled in Arabic typesetting services, Arabic translation, Arabic calligraphy services, and Arabic voice-over services with multilanguage subtitling services.

We believe in EEE concept
Efficiency | Expertise | Effectiveness

All multilingual services by certified experts under one roof.

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  • UNLIMITED Revisions until you are satisfied 100%
  • Customizing your own contents and images
  • Website design
  • Woo-commerce Functionality
  • Payment Gateway setup
  • Product uploads and support
  • Fixing any type of WordPress errors/issues
  • Necessary plugin Installation

Human Translation services
across continents since 2008- All accurate & on time

We are translating Multilanguage from left to right and right to left across the many continents throughout the world. And that is for 13 years. We keep on earning a loyal customer base since 2008.Hallmark of making customers' needs priority. our certified subject-specific language professionals have earned trust from a vast pool of clients. Accurate Translation solutions. All vetted professionals to power document translation in multilanguage from 2008 to date.

Marketing translation services

Talaat graphics offers marketing translation with a team of experienced translators. Powered with knowledge of multi-languages. We do Marketing translation that fits perfectly to localized marketing documents, software applications, typeset, and DTP services. Proper formatting for brochures and flyers. With our expertise reach the global audience. All with customized message conveyance as per local norms

Document translation services

experts for document translation in many language combinations. We have earned client trust that they refer and return to us year after year. Multiverse experience including legal translation, official translation, file translate, translate the scanned document to the major official translation. We have subject matter experts that can fit your all translation needs

Certified translators

Talaat Graphics believes in certified expert translation solutions. Professional team members knowledgeable and committed to the highest level of excellence. We are delivering projects in the document, finance, migration, certificate, marketing translation solutions. Our in house team is expert in timely delivery and understanding client needs in advance

Translation Services

Our vision is to provide high-quality, cost-effective, and fast translation solutions. And that to include user guides, brochures, technical documentation, software application translations, pharmaceutical. User manual by skilled humans not by software. Our team is made of qualified experts. skilled native translators for English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Tagalog, Bahasa, and many others.

  • Arabic Translation Services
  • creative writing in Arabic
  • Farsi Translation Services
  • Kurdish Translation Services
  • Urdu Translation Services
  • Hindi Translation Services
  • Malayalam Translation Services
  • Tamil Translation Services
  • Nepali Translation Services
  • Bengali Translation Services
  • Malaysian Translation Services
  • Indonesian Translation Services
  • Telugu Translation Services
  • Tagalog Translation Services
  • Turkish Translation Services

Typesetting Services

We provide Arabic typesetting services with Language translation. we earned our own client base. With the client’s demand, we expanded our organization to localization services for English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Tagalog, Bahasa. Here we understand the structured balanced layout designs. And that with a blend of the right theme and genre of content.

  • Arabic Typesetting Services
  • Graphic Designs
  • Desktop-publishing DTP and preparation of artwork for printing
  • Overnight DTP emergency
  • Resize your artwork
  • PDF to editable Artwork
  • Farsi Typesetting Services
  • Kurdish Typesetting Services
  • Urdu Typesetting Services
  • Hindi Typesetting Services
  • Malayalam Typesetting Services
  • Tamil Typesetting Services
  • Nepali Typesetting Services
  • Bengali Typesetting Services
  • Malaysian Typesetting Services
  • Indonesian Typesetting Services
  • Telugu Typesetting Services
  • Turkish Typesetting Services

Voice Over Services

Find the best voice for your project in multi dialects and languages. In-house practiced and styled language service providers. All are skilled in English, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, Hindi, Tagalog, Bahasa, etc. Well versed in versatile presentations, telephone IVR systems, training tutorials, e-learning software, games, and user manuals. We assure the quality and understand the essence of work.

  • Arabic voice over services
  • Farsi voice over services
  • Kurdish voice over services
  • Urdu voice over services
  • Hindi voice over services
  • Malayalam voice over services
  • Tamil voice over services
  • Nepali voice over services
  • Bengali voice over services
  • Malaysian voice over services
  • Indonesian voice over services
  • Telugu voice over services
  • Turkish voice over services


Consistently earned loyal customer base from 2008. Where sophisticated work process, the sensitivity of the material, and client confidentiality is handled effectively. From 2008 Talaat Graphics successfully delivered multiple projects in Translation, Typesetting, voice-over, Subtitling, and Arabic calligraphy

For Translation jobs, one cannot rely solely on Machine translators. Therefore you cannot rely on Google translate to handle complicated translation for legal documents or medical documents. We at Talaat Graphics offer intelligent human-handled translation solutions. All in-house team with years of knowledge and expertise.

Translation, creative writing, Graphic Designs, Desktop-publishing DTP and preparation of artwork for printing,  Overnight DTP emergency, Resize your artwork, PDF to editable Artwork, creative writing, voice-over, subtitling, Arabic Calligraphy, and font design.


24/7 expert support for all our exclusive services

  • Artwork from PDF

    if you have only PDF and you need to convert it to In-Design Artwork ready for Print? We are available 24/7.
  • Learning Books

    Got a text book? Want to check immediately with language expert or scientific specialist? Give us shout
  • 24/7 expert customer support

    During the project lifecycle and even after delivery our expert team reliable support will be with you over phone/email 24/7

We have lot of work done over 13 years!

translation services

Client confidentiality is first!

The experience that you can trust! With our versatile clientele, we provide localization services in London, Europe, the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Asia with the help of carefully chosen professionals. Client confidentiality comes first and foremost for us. We make it formal and sign a Confidentiality Agreement as we never contact our client’s client.

Our portfolio consists of those clients only who had given formal and written permission.

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