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Professional Arabic Typesetting Services

Arabic Desktop Publishing, Media translation, and

Arabic voice over

Our Arabic typesetting services and Arabic Desktop Publishing Services team has over twenty years of experience translating and Arabic typesetting printed materials.

Professional Arabic Typesetting Services

Arabic Desktop Publishing, Media translation, and

Arabic voice over

Our Arabic typesetting services and Arabic Desktop Publishing Services team has over twenty years of experience translating and Arabic typesetting printed materials.

Media translation and Arabic voice over
Our Story
Meet Our Experts

Our founder Talaat Sengab started Talaat Graphics in 2008 after working at well-known advertising agencies such as Young & Rubicam, MullenLowe, and Ogilvy for about 18 years.

Using his extensive experience, he built a huge team to deliver high-quality work. We have helped many agencies in the Middle East and Gulf to serve their clients. We provide them with professional solutions in design, Arabic typesetting, Arabic Desktop Publishing Services,  Arabic translation & Arabic copywriting, Arabic calligraphy and many more services.

Business cards, marketing brochures, technical manuals, and other documents with images or a set layout will require Arabic Desktop Publishing services. We provide affordable InDesign translation services in Arabic, Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, and all other right-to-left languages.

Arabic Typesetting

A team of professionals with extensive experience and proper training make up our company. Each year, we handle thousands of small and large Arabic typesetting projects. In order to honor our mother tongue, we present Arabic in its most accurate form as translated and print-ready materials that maintain linguistic standards and typographical assets while providing accuracy.

We’ll make sure that our translations reflect their beauty, their linguistic accuracy, and their ease of translation with our Arabic typesetting services. Our Arabic typesetting services include brochures, leaflets, posters, business cards, books, digital books, e-books, product data sheets, packaging, labels, newsletters, user manuals, and catalogs.

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typesetting project?
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Arabic Desktop Publishing Services

for magazine and books

If you need Arabic Desktop Publishing (DTP) or a magazine in Arabic, we’ve got all the experience to make this project a breeze. As a first step, our translators and content writers will translate the magazine professionally and in an interesting way for readers.

Next, our professional Arabic desktop publishing designers choose the right fonts and translate shapes and colors to fit into the Arabic language. They adopt a unified style sheet and adapt the appropriate fonts from our Arabic font bank to make it look stylish and interesting.

Lastly, reviewers review all the details of Arabic Desktop Publishing (DTP) before receiving the final file, including language, design, and colors.

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Arabic Desktop Publishing (DTP) project?
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Arabic translation

Get highly accurate Arabic translation services around the clock at very competitive prices. We guarantee the quality, accuracy, and correctness of our Arabic translation. Because of our large native resource capacity, nuances and cultural differences are always understood and expressed correctly.

Ready Arabic typesetting or Arabic desktop publishing.

Talaat Graphics can help you translate a magazine or book into Arabic if you have an integrated project. We offer discounts on complementary projects that will not only save you time, but also money. In this case, we translate into Arabic and then do Arabic typesetting or Arabic desktop publishing. We apply our quality standards to your project, including reviewing content, designing, and delivering you an Arabic-language magazine or Arabic-language book in an efficient, error-free, and cost-effective manner.

The services we offer include agriculture, mining, petroleum, engineering, banking, IT, education, manufacturing, construction, broadcasting, and the like.

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translation project?
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Arabic Voice Over

We can provide a professional Arabic voice over services for your advertisement, a narrator for a documentary, a speaker for a phone system or several different agents to help with a corporate video. More than 650 high-quality native voices (male, female, boy, girl, adolescent) will make your project stand out. Voice over recording services we provide are high-quality.

Our services are competitively priced and we can guarantee top-notch service so you don’t have to look anywhere else.

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voice over project?
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Arabic Subtitle

If your company’s media is available in another language, whether on TV, online, or in movies, you can reach more people. Our Arabic subtitle services are extensive. We can provide you with accurate and fast subtitles at competitive rates.

Our team can translate all kinds of audiovisual materials. Here are a few examples: (Videos for advertising and commercial purposes, Corporate films, Video documentation for institutions, Audio texts, Documentaries, Video games, and much more!)

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subtitle project?
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Arabic calligraphy

Calligraphy is the heart of Arabic culture. It is our pleasure and pride to create elegant, harmonious Arabic calligraphy. This will not only enhance your message, but delight your readers. Arab calligraphy is like sweet music and pretty art. We’d love to inspire you and impress you.

We specialize in Arabic calligraphy. We also specialize in Logo Design, Arabic Calligraphy Names, Wedding Logos, customized Arabic phrases, Arabic Calligraphy wall hangings for hotels, Islamic Art frames and canvas, and Arabic Calligraphy Tattoos.

There are a lot of companies with specific fonts in their corporate identity. Our team has designed and developed Arabic fonts for companies like Nissan Middle East. We’ll enthrall your audience with our Arabic services.

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calligraphy project?
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Arabic Fonts

The Arabic font collection at Talaat Graphics is extensive. We’re aware of the classification of these fonts based on where the Arabic script appears.

For example, when should we use a particular Arabic font in headlines? What fonts were found in the manuscript in English? How easy it was to read and how compatible it was with the manuscript’s overall design, as well as what fonts were featured in magazines, books, or other manuscripts.

We are happy to provide you with suggestions and share our font catalog in any project, as well as provide models to help you choose.

Large collection
of Arabic fonts
We are available to assist you!
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