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Designing Arabic fonts: What you need to know

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A font design that is in Arabic can be quite a challenge when it comes to locating a high-quality version of the font. One often finds it difficult, when searching the Internet for sites that provide the most excellent Arabic font designs available.

This is because one often cannot find websites that have the highest quality designs. You may not come across them right away, but if you persist, you eventually will. There are some lists of Arabic font designs available on the web, which include the andalus, a nefel adeti, a nefel botan, a nefel sereke and many more samples.

The characteristics of an Arabic font design can be derived from the Arabic alphabet itself, which is also referred to as the Arabic abjad in Arabic. A script known as Arabic script is a coded and specified set of instructions that is used only for the purpose of writing Arabic. There are 28 Arabic letters in the Arabic alphabet, and they are written from right to left in cursive.

Although many of the letters may look the same, you can distinguish them from each other by placing dots below or above the rasm. This is the central part of each letter. A special type of dot is an essential part of every letter as it differentiates the letters that represent the same sound but represent it in different ways. The most important part of every letter is the signature. Additionally, Arabic is written and printed in cursive.

Unlike the cursive writing of the Latin alphabet, the standard Arabic style maintains its own distinct shape. This determines whether it is designed to be connected to a succeeding or a preceding letter. As a result, there are conditional forms for each of the primary letters, known as allographs. There are three types of forms that can be used depending on whether the letter appears at the beginning, middle, or end of a word. Therefore, they will exhibit four different forms, known as the initial form, the medial form, the final form and the isolated form.

Certain letters look virtually the same in all the four forms, while others may show significant variation. Both the initial and middle forms are usually the same. However, in some instances, the middle form has a short horizontal line to link it to the preceding letter. The final and the isolated forms are almost the same in appearance.

However, the final form will have its horizontal stroke on the right and, for other letters, a longer line or a loop on the left. This will enable you to end the word with a subtle and ornamental flourish. Additionally, there are also letter combinations that are written or encoded as special shapes, or ligatures.

Arabic users frequently write long vowels and omit the shorter ones, so readers must employ their understanding of the language to supply the missing vowels. Vowels are utilised for educational purposes, especially in Arabic grammar classes, vowels are utilised because they are vital to the grammar. Moreover, a sentence in Arabic can imply an entirely different meaning with a subtle shift in the vowels. This is the reason why in significant texts such as the Qur’ān, all the three basic vowel signs are used.

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