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Arabic typesetting services

Arabic Translation Services, Arabic Typesetting Services, DTP, voice over Services

Our Arabic typesetting services native team truly understands each job’s unique complexities and can adapt as required. They are familiar with challenges that may arise, such as the added length of Arabic versions when translated from English, the problems of pagination, and the fact that many Arabic letters change according to the letters before and after them.

We are fully prepared to start working from your design or from scratch, covering brochures, business cards, stationery, posters, or any print material. At Talaat Graphics, we deliver professional Arabic typesetting services with an experienced team; we offer book typesetting, InDesign, and many more.

Our certified and experienced professional team has expertise in creating print-ready files for publishing that adhere to strict formatting guidelines.

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Arabic Translation Services

Arabic Translation Services, Arabic Typesetting Services, DTP, voice over Services

Our highly experienced Arabic translators can confidently promise quality and accuracy. We have a large resource capacity to call upon, which means that the finer nuances and cultural differences between forms are always understood and correctly expressed. 

We also use native Arabic speakers for English to Arabic and native English speakers for Arabic to English.

We offer world-class Arabic translation, creative copywriting, editing, and proofreading services. We have embraced many industry sectors, including agriculture, mining, petroleum, engineering, banking, IT, education, manufacturing, construction, and broadcasting media. We offer a full range of Arabic Translation services and work across the board in the final delivery.

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Arabic Voice Over Services

Arabic Translation Services, Arabic Typesetting Services, DTP, voice over Services

Our Arabic voice artists are talented and experienced in various voiceover projects, from ads to corporate narration, to character voices. Whatever the type of voice you need, we’ll be sure to help you find it from our selection of Arabic voice talent.

We have a good selection of the best Arabic voice-over talent available, and we’ll ensure the chosen Arabic voice artist gives you the best rate for the job. We’ll negotiate down on repeat fees and broadcast rates on your behalf.

We can record wild or sync to pictures and deliver the audio back via our server. When required, we can also re-mix your new Arabic voice-over recording with the existing music and effects track and send you a thoroughly mixed video soundtrack.

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Arabic Subtitle Services

Arabic Translation Services, Arabic Typesetting Services, DTP, voice over Services

Talaat Graphics provides a high-quality Arabic Subtitle service covering all regional dialects. Our professional Arabic translation team, Arabic subtitling specialists, and editors will provide subtitles for all films, documentaries, and other audio-visual material, ensuring strict quality control at each stage of your Arabic Subtitle services project.

We provide a complete subtitling solution without compromising on quality or deadlines. We begin by taking your transcription from any language and producing a script ready to be translated into Arabic, using our network of native-speaking translators and copywriters.

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Arabic Calligraphy Services

Arabic Translation Services, Arabic Typesetting Services, DTP, voice over Services

Arabic calligraphy services are considered the unifying heart of the Arabic world – a genuinely different world from Arabic typesetting. With respect and reverence for its history, traditions, and requirements, we take great pleasure in producing elegant, harmonious Arabic calligraphy services that will enhance your message and delight your reader’s eye.

Like sweet music and beautiful art, Arabic calligraphy has the power to convey an emotion. Allow our calligraphers and designers the opportunity to invoke yours!

We are equally happy to design a complete alphabet for you or produce a single piece in a unique style. We offer particular expertise in design and Arabic calligraphy; we can take your idea or design and add a modern or classic touch to produce Arabic calligraphy services, Islamic art, Islamic paintings, or even a logo, plus much more.

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24 Hour Emergency Service

We can provide expert 24-hour Emergency Service available to you 365 days a year for all your needs of Multilanguage Translation, Multilingual Typesetting, Multilanguage Voice Over, and much more!


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25 Years Experience

We have over 25 years of experience in international creative agencies, we are ready to be your well-trained team for any task!

Client Confidentiality

Consistently earned a loyal customer base from 2008. Where sophisticated work processes, the sensitivity of the material, and client confidentiality are handled effectively. Since 2008 Talaat Graphics successfully delivered multiple projects in Translation, Typesetting, voice-over, Subtitling, and Arabic calligraphy.

Certified translators

Talaat Graphics believes in certified expert translation solutions. Professional team members are knowledgeable and committed to the highest level of excellence. We translate and deliver projects in the following formats; documents, finance, migration, certificate, and marketing translation solutions. Our in-house team is expert in timely delivery and understanding client needs in advance.