Arabic Typesetting Services

Our Arabic typesetting services native team truly understands the unique complexities of each job and can adapt as necessary. In the case of translated Arabic versions from English, they are familiar with challenges that may arise. A length of Arabic versions added to the original English version, for example. Aside from that, there are pagination issues and the fact that many Arabic letters change based on preceding and following letters.

We are fully prepared to start working from your design or from scratch, covering brochures, business cards, stationery, posters, or any print material. At Talaat Graphics, we deliver professional Arabic typesetting services with an experienced team; we offer book typesetting, InDesign, and many more.

Our certified and experienced professional team has expertise in creating print-ready files for publishing that adhere to strict formatting guidelines.

Arabic Translation Services

There are many complexities involved in Arabic translation. It is imperative to consider the classical, standard, and colloquial Arabic conventions, as well as the at least 30 dialect variations. Despite this, we are more than capable of handling the situation. Quality, accuracy, and correctness can be assured by our team of highly experienced Arabic translators.

With our extensive resources, we are able to understand and express finer nuances and cultural differences. Additionally, we use native Arabic-speakers to translate English to Arabic, and native English-speakers to translate Arabic to English. The difference we have found is huge.

Besides straightforward translation, we also provide creative copywriting, editing, and proofreading services. Our expertise spans a wide range of sectors, including agriculture, mining, petroleum, engineering, banking, information technology, education, manufacturing, construction and broadcasting. The company provides Arabic translation services, including final delivery.

Arabic Voice Over Services

Do you need an Arabic Voice Over Service or an Arabic Voice Over Agency that can provide you with an Arabic Voice Over Artist of your choice? We’re Talaat Graphics, a multilingual voice over agency. We can help you with everything from initial translation and adaptation to casting talent and language monitors to help lay down your final recording sessions. 

Among our many native Arabic voice artists, we have selected those who have been vetted for quality. Whether you need Arabic Voice Over Artists for a small job or a large project, these professionals are available to help you. Each of our Arabic Voice Over Artists is a native Arabic speaker.

Professional Voice Over Artists can handle any linguistic and vocal parameter, including language, dialect, gender, accent, pitch, and emotion. There is a wide range of Arabic voice actors and Arabic narrators available through Talaat Graphics.

Arabic Subtitle Services

We provide high-quality subtitling services for all dialects at Talaat Graphics. All films and documentaries will be subtitled by our Arabic translation team, ensuring strict quality control at each stage. Complete subtitle solutions do not compromise on quality. Make your transcription weaker so that it can be translated into Arabic.

After they are proofread by our linguists, the scripts are assigned to skilled Arabic subtitling specialists for translation. A team of Arabic editors reviews for unsung subtitles and makes necessary corrections. Our clients receive finished Arabic media in the format they choose.

We offer Arabic subtitles to most verticals, including the Cosmetic & Beauty industry, Law & Administration, Economics & Finance, Industry & Technology, Sports, Recreation & Tourism, Engineering, Medical & Pharmaceutical, Arts & Media, Technical/IT and Government.

Whoever your intended audience, be certain to let our experts help you at every step.

Arabic Calligraphy Services

Unlike Arab typesetting, Arabic calligraphy represents the unifying heart of the Arabic world. We use Arabic calligraphy that honors its history, traditions, and requirements, which not only enhances the meaning of your message, but also appeals to the eye of your reader. A beautiful calligraphy piece can evoke a similar emotion as sweet music or beautiful art. Allow our calligraphers and designers the opportunity to inspire and impress.

We are equally happy to design a full alphabet for you, or simply produce a single piece in a unique style. We offer particular expertise in design and Arabic calligraphy; we can take your idea or design and add a modern or classic touch to produce Arabic calligraphy, Islamic art, Islamic paintings or even a logo, plus much more.

24 Hour Emergency Service

With our expert 24-hour emergency service available year-round, we are available to assist you at any time.

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Person-to-person language translation

Translating significant documents is one of the services we offer at our translation agency. Contact our dedicated customer service team today for a quote on birth certificate translation or wedding certificate translation!

We offer language services

With our well-established translation agency, you’re covered! Translation, Typesetting, and everything in between, we offer high-quality language services for a variety of industries, including the public sector. Among the industries we have worked in are logistics, manufacturing, marketing, medical, business, finance, audio visual, and even engineering! Get a free quote or use our online quick quote form for a full list of our translation services. We’ll meet all your translation needs. A true language translation agency, we offer services in many languages.

A high-quality translation of your documents

We can translate and interpret any document into another language so that everyone can understand it. Throughout the years, our industry experts have helped some of the biggest brands expand internationally. We can help you do the same by providing the most comprehensive translation services available today – just contact us!

Traditional document translation

We translate official documents into more than 200 languages from and to Arabic. A dedicated team at Talaat Graphics Translations advises you on Certification, Statements of Truth, Affidavits, Sworn translation, Notarisation, and Apostilles.

A translation memory is necessary

Our CAT tools create translation memories for your documents. It will help translators create glossaries, track terminology, ensure consistency, and update already translated content. Updates are quicker and the terminology is consistent. Also, it saves you up to 70% on translation services!

Choosing the best Arabic font

English and Arabic typefaces differ greatly. Arabic words are largely handwritten cursively, even in print. A designer’s intentions, the space available, printing constraints, etc., also influence the choice of an Arabic font when typesetting. If you prefer, our experienced team can provide you with a suitable Arabic font from our extensive collection.

Layout issues solved for Arabic

Arabic may present a challenge to those who are more familiar with European languages. In order to display it from right to left, it must be presented in the same order as the original English. It is common for us to reverse layouts in the studio.