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Arabic Subtitle Services

Here at Talaat Graphics, we’re happy to have you because we’re a trusted Arabic Subtitle company. We provide High-quality Arabic Subtitle service covering all dialects.

Reliable and accurate Arabic Subtitle Services

Arabic subtitles you can trust

Videos, movies, and documentaries will have Subtitle professionally added, not printed on the screen. We can help you to make your exciting events seen worldwide. In addition to the translation accuracy using our expert Arabic translation team, we will provide you with any Subtitle format you need. High-quality subtitles service covering all dialects.

The Arabic translation team provides subtitles for all films, and documentaries, ensuring strict quality control at every step. Plus, we take your transcription and convert it into Arabic. Our linguists edit the script and then assign it to Arabic subtitling experts. Then Arabic editors review for unsinged subtitling and actualize amendments where important. We deliver subtitled Arabic media in the format our clients want.

We are Expert in Arabic Subtitle Services

Our Arabic subtitles are the best

In addition to Arabic subtitles, we also offer services for Law & Administration, Economics & Finance, Cosmetics & Beauty, etc. Whomever your target group, be sure to give our specialists a chance to help you at each progression.

Subtitling file formats supported

A bunch of subtitle formats to choose from

Digital Video Files viz…WEBM, .MKV, .FLV, .VOB, .OGV, .OGG, .DRC, .GIF, .GIFV, .MNG, .AVI, .MOV, .QT, .WMV, .YUV, .RM, .RMVB, .ASF, .AMV, .MP4, .M4P (with DRM), .M4V, .MPG, .MP2, .MPEG, .MPE, .MPV, .MPG, .M2V, .M4V, .SVI, .3GP, .3G2, .MXF, .ROQ, .NSV, .FLV, .F4V, .F4P, .F4A, .F4B

Digital Audio Files viz…3GP, .AA, .AAC, .AAX, .ACT, .AIFF, .AMR, .APE, .AU, .AWB, .DCT, .DSS, .DVF, .FLAC, .GSM, .IKLAX, .IVS, .M4A, .M4B, .M4P, .MMF, .MP3, .OGA, .OPUS, .RA, .RM, .RAW, .SLN, .TTA, .VOX, .WAV, .WMA, .WV

Broadcast subtitle formats include: .PAC, .RAC, .CHK, .ESY, .XIF, .X32, .AYA, .890, .CIP, .CAP, .ULT, .USF, .CIN, .L32, .ST4, .ST7, .TIT, .STL Standalone or hard-coded subtitles depending on your video needs.

Work efficiently and quickly on your projects

Our Expertise

25 Years of Experience in, Arabic Subtitle Services

With our experience, we can guarantee you’ll have a great time dealing with us on any project as easy dealing and speed are what make us stand out.

Taking care of the details
Respecting deadlines
Project Management

How It Works

How our personalized approach works

Using our large network of translators and parallelization technologies, we can translate large and small volumes quickly. In addition our extensive system of translators allows us to provide you with a high level of service. Urgent projects, we can provide fast services to have your documents translated and typeset fast saving time and money.
A professional audio editor

Our Arabic audio experts are here to help

We offer professionally edited audio as a standard for all of our voice over projects. Before delivering the audio to our clients, also we’ll change the ‘raw’ unedited audio into professional, clean-sounding voice-over files. In addition to listening to the audio to check for errors, as well as ensuring that all segments are recorded correctly, the timing is correct, and the files are named correctly. All audio is equalized so there are no long pauses.
Talented Arabic voice actors

Our Arabic audio experts are here to help

For quality and professionalism, we work only with professionals. Depending on the region they’re from and the nature of the project each of our talents has their own rates, also an hour of recording will yield between 1,500 – 3,000 words of voice-over, which is 10 – 20 minutes of audio. Also for audiobooks and narrations, this could be slow, for e-learning, or for commercials, it could be fast.

Keeping your business in Arabic simple and convenient is what we do

It takes just a few steps for you to begin your project and finish it easily We are always glad to help.

Our company provides a variety of services, such as Arabic font design, Arabic translation services, Arabic creative writing, Arabic voice over, Arabic subtitles and Arabic calligraphy services.

Our typesetting team uses all the latest typesetting software and has a large collection of Arabic fonts to choose from

Contact Info

Contact Info

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