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Arabic voice over services

Here at Talaat Graphics, we’re happy to have you because we’re a trusted Arabic voice over company. We offer over 150 professional native voices (male, female, boy or girl, adolescent, etc.) who will give your project the mark of quality it deserves.

Understanding your Arabic Voice Over requirements

Do you need professional voice over services? Talaat Graphics, we’ll take care of everything, you have to tell us what you need, and we’ll get to work on your project, whether it’s a professional voice for an advertisement, a narrator for a documentary, a speaker for a telephone system or several agents in different languages for a corporate video.

Experts in Arabic Voice Over

Having an extensive collection of voice over artists as well as dubbing actors, and you can choose the one that best suits your needs. Talaat Graphics offers over 150 professional native voices (male, female, boy or girl, adolescent, etc.) who will give your project the mark of quality it deserves.

We have Arabic voice artists from Egypt, Jordan, Palestine, Syria, KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, and Yemen. Our voice over services include:

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Our Expertise

25 Years of Experience in,
Arabic voice over

With our experience, not only we can guarantee you’ll have a great time dealing with us on any project but you also have easy dealing and speed are what make us stand out.

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How It Works

How Our Personalized Approach Works

We’ve got all the Arabic voice overs you’ll ever need. As well as a great Arabic voicebank – including men, women, and children of different ages and styles. The following dialects are available: Egyptian Arabic, Gulf (UAE/Emirati) Arabic, Levant (Lebanese) Arabic, Saudi Arabic, and Lebanese Arabic.

A professional audio editor

We offer professionally edited audio as a standard for all of our voice over projects. Before delivering the audio to our clients, also we’ll change the ‘raw’ unedited audio into professional, clean-sounding voice-over files. In addition to listening to the audio to check for errors, as well as ensuring that all segments are recorded correctly, the timing is correct, and the files are named correctly. All audio is equalized so there are no long pauses.

Talented Arabic voice actors

For quality and professionalism, we work only with professionals. Depending on the region they’re from and the nature of the project each of our talents has their own rates, also an hour of recording will yield between 1,500 – 3,000 words of voice-over, which is 10 – 20 minutes of audio. Also for audiobooks and narrations, this could be slow, for e-learning, or for commercials, it could be fast.

Usage fees for voice over

talents have different usage fees. It’s up to the talent whether they charge a fee or not. Let us know about your project and your budget first. When you need flexible talent, we’ll provide it to you.

Accented English voices with Arabic accents

An English voice over with an Arabic accent. Your audio project can benefit from our Arabic voice artists speaking English. We also provide Arabic-accented English voice recordings to customers all over the world.

A voice over translation in Arabic

Managing the workflow from concept to completion will be easy with our experienced translation team. Also we only use professional translators and we only work in their native language. As well as to sync up the Arabic audio with the video, the voice-over translation should have time-codes so the engineer can sync it up. Also a good translation style is important for voice-over translations, like marketing, public information, drama, etc.

Services for transcription

Besides transcriptions, we also provide time-coded transcripts in any language. Translations must be done with care to keep the true meaning of the English, while maintaining the timeframe allowed in the audio/video. Also There are times when we have to edit the English to make it shorter, because the spoken version of some languages is longer than the English and may not fit in the time slot. Prior to translating into Arabic, we will, of course, discuss the edited English with you.